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OBD II Car Diagnostics

If you are a car owner, you will normally find that your vehicle runs well most of the time. In order to maintain levels of reliability, there are various ways of checking that all of the components under the bonnet are fully operational. Car manufacturers have been developing ever more sophisticated methods for identifying potential issues. These diagnostic tools take the form of sophisticated systems that will keep your engine running efficiently, as well as lighting up whenever there is anything untoward happening. Once the diagnostic tool has flagged up an area of concern, a mechanic can set to work fixing it.

How does it work?

The way these systems work is down to sensors inside the engine that send information to the computer concerning various aspects of performance. This is a proactive activity: as the computer receives these signals it is programmed to make any necessary adjustments to the settings that control the way the engine is performing. The tool will also record faults in its memory which can be retrieved at a later date. Additionally, the computer also controls the light indicating which parts require checking. Obviously the diagnostic tool cannot fix anything itself, but it can do the next best thing: highlight the problem so that a mechanic can understand what is wrong and can then organise repairing it.

What problems can be detected?

Car diagnostics will expose a diverse range of issues, including problems with the exhaust system, the oil, the petrol tank, transmission, the camshaft position, the crankshaft position, the heater control circuit, and many other areas. Because vehicles are now fitted with computer processers, microchips and sensors, these can all be linked to the diagnostic tool to enable problems to be pinpointed accurately. Diagnostic scans are normally performed at a garage or dealership by certified mechanics, although smaller-scale checks can be carried out at home using hand-held devices.

Benefits of Car Diagnostics

A car diagnostic test is extremely beneficial because it is quick and efficient. An auto scan will allow a mechanic to identify a problem immediately, saving a lot of wasted time in troubleshooting various possibilities. In turn, this will be much friendlier to the car owner’s bill, as the costs of an exhaustive mechanical check are avoided. When a driver spots a dashboard light warning of a problem, they will generally have no idea what the likely cause might be. With diagnostics, the computer will lead the mechanic straight to the source. This is why most checks with a diagnostic tool can be undertaken within an hour.


When it comes to vehicle diagnostics, the set standard that has been used by car manufacturers over recent years is OBD II. Amongst other aspects, this set a standard 16-pin connection socket across all car models. As long as a car is OBD II compatible, then any OBD II reader/re-setter can be used on it. The tool is plugged into the vehicle and it will display fault codes with their definitions. OBD II also provides a list of parameters for candidate vehicles to monitor, along with instructions on how to encode the data for each one.


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