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What is a Dome Security Camera?

Dome security cameras are very popular, and commonly used in homes and retails stores. There are several varieties of this style of camera to suit the needs of a range of clients. There are also indoor and outdoor models available, with the outdoor options having weather resistant capabilities. The cameras are usually gray or black, and are used to record a specified area, and keep tabs on customers or potential intruders.

Mounting the Cameras

Dome cameras can be installed in a couple different ways. They can be flush-mounted to a wall or ceiling, or rigged onto a suspension rod to hang lower. The latter pendulum style installation is preferred in buildings with higher ceilings, as the camera is closer to subjects being filmed, and will provide better images for facial recognition.

The dome enclosure that holds the camera is often tinted so as not to reveal the camera inside of it. Some domes also contain LED lights so images can be captured in darker areas. The dome provides the added benefit of shielding people from seeing which direction the camera is pointed, bolstering the effectiveness of the preventative element of CCTV security.

Types of Dome Security Cameras

There is a variety of dome camera systems available to meet the diverse security needs of homes and businesses. Some of them include:

1. Vandal resistant dome security cameras: these camera systems are built from tough carbon fiber, and defend against tampering or sabotage.

2. Ceiling style dome CCTV cameras: these aesthetically pleasing models are ideal for boutiques and other retail stores that want an unobtrusive security camera.

3. Smoked dome CCTV cameras: the dark colored shells on these cameras conceal the camera lens, and may deter shoplifting or theft.

4. Outdoor dome CCTV cameras: these models are ideal for parking lots, parking garages, and other outdoor areas. They are often fitted with swivel type housings.

Dome cameras can record in color or black and white, though color is preferred for easier identification of subjects of interest. There are wired and wireless options available, so placement of the camera can be very flexible if need be. Some models come with monitors that can show multiple camera feeds simultaneously.

If you have a property that requires several cameras you can purchase a complete system with indoor and outdoor camera as well as viewing monitors.  

There are also upgrades for dome cameras that allow them to provide better images. A white balance feature automatically adjusts lighting to make images more distinguishable from their backgrounds. Some camera systems also have an auto gain feature, which provides better images in low light situations.

The dome security camera is the preferable option for the majority of basic security needs. Their mere presence deters theft or shoplifting even when they are not recording. This is the reason you see this type of camera in so many locations including:

- Banks.
- Casinos.
- Resorts.
- Lobbies.
- Museums.
- Retail shops.
- Parking garages.

These cameras are also reasonably priced, and models are available to meet a variety of security budgets. If you want to get your hands on a dome security camera system for cheap, consider purchasing one wholesale from China, as you will get a much better deal.


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