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What is a Slide Phone?

Slide phones are designed in such a way that the section of the phone that houses the display slides apart from the keypad. The phones are made of two or more sections that slide past each other on a set of rails. In most slide phones the display section also houses the speaker of the phone. The sliding format is used to allow the user to have a full keyboard without making the phone especially large or bulky, as the sections retract into the phone. The key advantage to this design is full functionality in a compact portable phone that fits into your pocket. The current trend in electronics is toward smaller devices with more functionality, and the slide phone certainly meets these criteria.

One of the first sliding cell phones, the Siemens SL10, was released back in 1999. Later models stretched the original design by employing pop out keypads and two-way sliders. Models like the Nokia N85 featured two-way sliders that slid up or down to provide different functions.

Larger Screen Size

Another key advantage of the slide phone is that it can accommodate a much larger screen without adding to the overall size of the phone when it is in a retracted state. When the phone is retracted the keypad slips behind the display area. Some models have keypads that slide along the vertical axis, while some use the horizontal, and most feature standard QWERTY keyboard.

Touch screen phones made with the slide design allow for larger, more functional touch screens on relatively small devices. The Nokia N97, for example, offers a full size touch screen with a sliding QWERTY keypad, but is still a pretty small phone. If it were not made with the slide format the phone would be about 25% larger.

Since it uses accelerometers that automatically rotate the screen between landscape and portrait mode, the keypad can easily slide from the side of the phone and the screen will always appear correctly.

Potential Issues

With slide phones, you get what you pay for. While the high end models function without issue, some of the cheaper models are prone to malfunctioning. While this can be said of mobile phones in general, some key problems like jamming, loose slide mechanisms and screen distortion are common in cheap slide phones. With this in mind I recommend going for a more reputable model. If you are like me you will find it is well worth the extra expense.

Are Slider Phones Old Hat?

Developments in mobile phone technology occur quite often, and the latest generation of smart phones employs something similar to a virtual slider by having a touch keyboard appear on the display screen when needed. While this may appear to make the traditional slide phone obsolete, this is not actually the case, as many consumers still opt for physical slide phone models.

Buying Slide Phones

If you have your heart set on a new slide phone, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, consider buying online from China. Brand new phones are available at cheap wholesale prices, so you get the best of both worlds.


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