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What is a Windows Phone?

The smart phone, sometimes referred to as the data phone, has taken the mobile phone market by storm, and is now the device of choice for most consumers. Windows Phone is an operating system developed by software giant Microsoft for use on mobile devices. It replaced the Windows Mobile operating system, and was built for the consumer market rather than Windows Mobile, which was meant for the business market.

Windows Phone was released in late 2010 in most countries, and 2011 is Asia. The initial phones to run the Windows Phone OS were produced by:

- Acer
- Dell
- LG
- Nokia
- Samsung


From its inception Microsoft has allowed third party developers to release applications for Windows Phone without restriction. These apps have been available from the Windows Marketplace. Windows Phone 7 is the latest version currently in use. Unfortunately, smart phones that run the older Windows Mobile OS cannot be upgraded to WP7, and there is no backward compatibility for Windows Mobile apps on WP7.

The Metro Interface

Windows Phone 7 uses a new Metro interface, which consists of a start screen with a selection of live tiles which serve as quick links to features and apps that update in real time and are dynamic. The interface has been well received, and it is expected to be used on the upcoming Windows 8 as well. 

The Browser

Windows Phone 7 uses Internet Explorer, has multi-tab features, and is bases on IE9 and Microsoft Office Mobile. The upcoming Mango update for WP7 will add a number of new features including:

- Custom ringtones.
- Face recognition software capability.
- Third party multitasking.
- Internet Explorer 9 Mobile (HTML5 compliant).
- Integrated IM with Windows Live Messenger and Facebook.
- Threaded e-mail support.
- Visual voicemail.

Integration of social networking content like photos taken with the phone can be achieved through specific hubs, making the OS very Facebook and Twitter friendly.  All Mango devices offer multi-touch screens that tie physical actions to commands. Zooming in or out can be done by pinching the screen, for example. The OS also features a clever dark theme with black pixels to prolong the life of the battery.

 The IE9 based browser engine lets users create live tiles for favorites right on the home screen, and allows images found on the web to be saved.

For Gamers

There is an included Xbox Live feature that incorporates aspects of the system into the OS. Microsoft has been busy creating games, and has already designed 50 top ranked Windows Phone Games, and has announced that real time multi-player functionality is right around the corner.  


Zune is a built-in application that organizes multimedia capabilities with separate hubs for Pictures and Music and Videos. It also allows for synchronization between your handset and PC.  You can visit the Windows Phone Marketplace and buy music through the music and video hub.  As you browse Zune even provides artist bio information. Your Windows Live photo gallery and your Facebook page are displayed in the Pictures hub, and you can even post images directly to your wall with a single click.

The impressive features of Windows Phone and Microsoft’s commitment to keep it on the bleeding edge of the current technology mean it is here to stay, and that we should expect to see some of the heavy hitters in the next generation of smart phones running on it.

Get a Bargain

As many of you know, getting your hands on the latest and greatest smart phones will cost you a pretty penny. Fortunately, there is a way for you to save a bundle on a smart phone—if you know where to buy it from. You can get a great smart phone with Windows Phone 7 from China at wholesale price and save yourself a nice chunk of money!


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