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Buy a cheap portable GPS for your car. We provide a wide range of car GPS available for you at wholesale prices.

What is a Car GPS?

A large proportion of drivers these days wouldn’t leave home without a car GPS (sat nav – short for satellite navigation) in their car and although there are always stories about people being led up footpaths and other unsuitable routes, these are few and far between and when compared with the millions of successful miles that are guided by a sat nav every day, they are too small a proportion to be a problem.

How does it work?

How it works is very simple. The unit sends a message to a Global Positioning Satellite, which returns information of precisely where the instrument is on the surface of the earth. Using preset maps and other data, the unit can there plot the route from that position to any other, when the details are tapped in; although you will most likely be adding a road name or a post code, in essence this is another global position, and so the unit can easily make the calculation.


Depending on the cost and complexity of the car GPS, it will have a variety of different extras, some of which can be extremely useful. The maps used vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but mostly they will include information such as parking and also points of interest. Others will also have details about places to eat and stay as well as hospitals, police stations and similar useful information. If you have a fairly top of the range sat nav, it will include phone numbers and will also constantly update. Some sat navs can be programmed remotely by Wi-Fi, but of course this will depend on what other computing equipment you have.

In-built or separate?

New cars at anything higher than basic level now tend to have GPS satellite navigation systems built in and these are easier to use in some ways as they don’t have to be attached to the dashboard or windscreen in any way. The disadvantage of these of course is that no matter how high the specifications are, they can’t be used on foot. Also, some manufacturers build in various features that they consider necessary for safety, such as most programming being locked out while the vehicle is in motion. Owners rightly complain that this prevents their passenger making adjustments, which would be perfectly safe. Retrofitting a GPS sat nav system is not difficult and can be done so that the whole unit is run from the car’s electrics and through the radio speakers or can be very impermanent with the device being held on a mat or bracket.

How to choose

The number of choices of sat nav is bewildering, with many devices having many features which the average driver will never, ever use. They can also be quite costly and for some people this is a reason for not buying as they already have GPS on their smartphone or tablet. GPS systems from China are a good buy if you want your sat nav to do more than just take you from A to B. Many of the models available from China include webcams and can play videos and music when you don’t need their help for navigating. If you don’t mind buying the map software which is not always included, a sat nav from China is a very good buy.


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