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We provide a wide range of cheap Xbox 360 accessories available in our shop at wholesale prices. From Xbox 360 controllers to Xbox 360 hard drive you can buy at reduced cost any Xbox 360 accessories you like.

Xbox 360 Accessories

Xbox 360 controllers

These allow the users to interact with the Xbox 360 gaming interface. The latest Xbox 360 gaming console allows up to four controllers to be connected. There are wired controllers as well as wireless controllers. They are powered separately by batteries.

Wireless Gaming Receiver

The wireless gaming receiver allows the users to use Xbox accessories with windows based PCs. When you use these wireless gaming receiver you will be able to connect up to 4 controllers and 4 headsets to be linked to the receiver.

Universal Media Remote

The Universal Media remote allows the users to navigate the Xbox dashboard. This is a wireless remote and acts very much like a regular TV remote or DVD player. Using the universal media remote you will be able to have basic control of games.

Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel

The Xbox 360 wireless steering wheel allows you to play all racing games and serves as a control for the racing games. The wireless steering wheel makes the racing games more realistic putting the user in total control of the racing vehicle.


Xbox 360 Kinect is the state-of-the-art Xbox 360 accessory which takes the video gaming experience to a whole new level. Kinect offers controller free gaming experience because your entire body becomes the game control. Your movements are captured by the kinect camera.

AV Connectors and Cables

AV Connectors and cables allow you to connect wide range of audio visual equipment to the Xbox console. Except HDMI cables all the other official cables can be connected to the AV connectors. You will be able to get HD video output using the AV connectors and cables.


Using the headsets you will be able to engage in voice chats. You can use the headsets with PCs but can be done so only along with a controller. You will be able to interact with the Xbox Live users in the game mode and also be able to engage in private chats.

Live Vision camera

The live vision camera allows you to play Xbox games with camera functionality besides that you can also use this camera and have web cam chat with other users and with kinect users. You can be connected with the other users through Xbox Live.

Detachable hard drives

Detachable hard drive gives you extra storage space to store your games, music, player preferences and more.

Memory units

These are portable memory or storage devices in the form of flash drives. You will be able to transfer gamer profiles, saved games and more to these memory units.

Cooling products

Cooling products reduce the operating temperature of your Xbox 360 console. There are number of cooling products available such as Nyko Intercooler 360, Gamexpert Cooler King for the UK and Pelican Air Flo Cooler for the US, Pelican Fan Stand and more. Overheating of the Xbox 360 console can prove to be harmful for the console and it can also slow down the games. Cooling products help in keeping the temperature under control.

Wireless Network Adapter

The wi-fi network adapters allow your Xbox 360 console to make use of the wi-fi networks present. The adapter can be connected to the Xbox 360 console through USB port.


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