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What is a Memory Card?

Memory cards are, in the simplest terms, cards that store electronic data and allow it to be transferred or retrieved. They are also sometimes called flash memory cards.

All types of data can be stored on the cards including:

- Audio clips.
- Video clips.
- Image Files.
- Text and PDF documents.
- EXE files.

 Memory cards currently use flash memory to maintain integrity, but in the near future other solutions may be available. These cards were devised to provide a simple, practical data storage solution. Cards are available with considerable storage capabilities, so large files and collections of files can easily be stored and transferred quickly and conveniently. There are quite a few variations of memory cards available, with some specializing in the type of data they store.

Some of these cards include:

- Secure digital cards.
- Memory sticks.
- Multimedia cards.
- SmartMedia cards.

All memory cards are configured with nonvolatile memory. This ensures that the data on the card remain intact, and are not corrupted or lost in the event of a power failure. The data does not need to be refreshed, and will remain uncorrupted.

Memory cards contain no moving parts, which minimizes chances that they will malfunction.  The storage capacity of most memory cards pales in comparison to the average hard drive, but there are some portable cards that will hold an impressive amount of data. In generally the price of the card will increase along with the memory capacity. Cards with limited memory are quite inexpensive, and are usually sufficient for personal use. If you require more storage capacity you can use multiple cards or invest in a high capacity memory card.

Type I PC cards came out in the 90s, and were the first memory cards for commercial use. Their use is now limited to connect I/O devices and in certain industrial applications.

In the late 90s several smaller memory card formats arrived, some of which included:

- CompactFlash.
- Miniature Card.
- SmartMedia.

As the devices that hit the market became smaller and smaller, so did the memory cards used in them. New cards designed for mobile phones and PDAs made the previous generation look big and clunky. In 2001 CompactFlash and SmartMedia were very successful in digital cameras, with SmartMedia holding on to half of the market and CompactFlash being the format of choice for professional digital SLRs.

In Recent Years

However, just five years later we saw SD/MMC nearly take over SmartMedia’s niche, though they faced stiff competition from CompactFlash and Memory Stick variants. The old PC card held on to a niche in industrial fields, while the memory card market for cell phones and PDAs was pretty fragmented. In 2010 the micro-SD card hit the scene and quickly rose to domination in the high end smart phone and tablet market. It still seems to be winning the format war among mobile devices.

Getting the Best Deal on Memory Cards

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