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What is a Car DVR?

Digital video recorders for cars are no longer simply a tool for law enforcement. They have exploded in popularity, and are now being installed in all kinds of vehicles for documentation and security purposes. Car DVRs work on the same premise that any other closed circuit television system does, and have been used in police cars to monitor officer behavior and record possible crimes for quite a few years now.

 Sometimes called car spy cameras or dashboard cams, the devices can be easily concealed in a vehicle if need be, or they can just be mounted in plain sight. Most models have an internal hard disk to store captured footage, including audio recordings of events. This is usually done with a standard DVR, but the feed can be sent to a monitor as well. Models with internal storage typically can connect via USB port to a computer where footage can be downloaded and saved.  This allows users to capture hours of data and store it for later use.

Recording Inside of the Vehicle

These camera systems can be aimed inside the vehicle to record the actions of the driver and any passengers. Parents can use the technology to monitor the driving behavior of their children or the passengers in the vehicle. Another use for this application is in undercover law enforcement investigations, where criminal activities can be recorded without the participants being aware that they are on camera. Car spy cameras can be easily concealed within the rearview mirror of the vehicle.

Recording Outside of the Vehicle

When the camera is pointed out from the vehicle, it usually records the area directly in front of the car to record what occurs in the immediate vicinity. This is commonly used in law enforcement for traffic stops to record the license plate number, make, and model of the car being stopped, as well as to record the interaction with the officer. The cameras can also be mounted to record what happens behind the vehicle, which could be useful to record an accident where the vehicle was struck from behind, or to feed to a monitor in the car to give the driver a clear view of what is occurring behind the vehicle.

Some noteworthy features of car DVRs include:

- Automatic file overwriting feature replaces older files with newer ones.
- The captured video footage can be downloaded, edited, and played back on any computer with the included software installed.
- Power cord can be hardwired in or attached via the car lighter.
- They can be mounted anywhere on your vehicle where you wish to record.
- The video footage can be instrumental in recording moving violations, accidents, or other incidents where documentation could be handy.

More advanced camera models can record interior and exterior areas, speed of the vehicle, g-forces, and even log GPS coordinates. This data can be quite useful for court proceedings or insurance claims.

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