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What is a Walkie Talkie?

If you were a kid during the 1970’s or 80’s you probably remember putting walkie talkies on your Christmas list and spending hours playing with them with the kids in the neighborhood. Walkie talkies are actually just portable, handheld low level radio receivers and transmitters. They were originally designed for use by the military during WWII. Their popularity surged again in the 70’s when the CB craze happened. Toy models of all kinds hit the market (I personally had GI Joe walkie talkies back in the 80’s), and for adults there were the standard 40-channel CBs.

The earliest walkie talkies used frequencies that were also assigned to CB radios, and were most commonly assigned channel 14. This meant that privacy was something of an issue, as anyone with a CB radio could overhear communications.  Of course, in reality this was hardly a problem, as the transmission range of most of the units did not exceed a couple hundred yards.  Due to their limited broadcast ranges, most walkie talkies did not require FCC licenses.

Modern Walkie Talkies

With the current functionality and popularity of mobile phone systems, toy walkie talkie use has significantly declined.

This does not mean that traditional walkie talkies no longer exist, but they are not the devices they used to be. Current manufacturers refer to them as two-way radios. They no longer use insecure CB radio frequencies, but instead are on the Family Radio System bandwidth. This system has 14 channels with 38 sub-channels, so privacy is much less of an issue than it was on the old CB system. A device would have to be tuned to the same sub-channel to intercept broadcasts, and advanced devices offer voice scrambling capabilities to ensure privacy.

Transmission Range

Most modern two-way radios offer transmission ranges of 2+ miles. Some units offer ranges exceeding 5 miles, but those must be licensed by the FCC to be used legally. A common use of these devices is to keep in touch with your group or family at large crowded events or shopping centers. Some features on more advanced devices include:

- Compass.
- GPS.
- Hands free voice commands.
- Weather channel tuner.

Some mobile phone networks now offer push-to-talk capabilities that allow for operation similar to a walkie talkie over the network, with no need to keep redialing.

In current times, walkie talkies are typically used in settings where portable communication devices are necessary including:

- Business.
- Military.
- Outdoor recreation.
- Public safety.

Two-way radios are available with a wide variety of functions, and range from less than $20 to well into the hundreds depending of features and capabilities. Some low end models are similar to toys, while rugged digital models can be used in heavy industries or on large watercraft.  

Where to Buy

If you want to save some money and get cheap walkie talkies I recommend buying them wholesale from China. A wide variety of quality units are available, and at a fraction of the price you would pay for them elsewhere.


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