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What is a Wired Security Camera?

In today’s day and age security is a concern for anyone with a family, home, or property of any kind. While many homes, offices, and businesses are retrofitted with alarm systems, some take the extra step of installing a security camera system as well. This not only deters criminal activities, but can be pivotal in apprehending offenders after the fact, as they can be identified via the video footage that was captured. Security camera systems are fairly affordable and easy to install. Many systems include additional features like motion lights or alarms.

If you want to safeguard your home and deter criminals from stepping foot on your property, a surveillance camera system may be the best solution. The risk of getting caught on camera is a major deterrent, and criminals would likely assume that a property protected with security cameras would likely have other preventative measures in place.

Wired or Wireless?

There are many different types of security camera systems out there to choose from, but they can be divided into two basic types; wired and wireless. Both types have advantages and disadvantages, so you will have to decide which would work better for your individual property before making a purchase.

Factors that will influence what type of security camera would suit your needs include:

- Size of the area being surveilled
- Placement of the cameras
- Budget

In the following paragraphs I’ll discuss some of the features and benefits of wired security cameras.

Wired Surveillance Cameras

Wired systems provide a better signal than their wireless counterparts. They must be placed close to a socket, but that is really their only limitation. Some folks are concerned about having unsightly wires coming from the camera, but conceal wiring can easily be used to solve this problem.

They picture quality from wired systems is also superior, as they do not rely on a digital signal. They are also more energy efficient, which is a huge perk, as they typically run at all times.

Installation Required

The only downside to wired systems is the installation process which, depending where you want them installed, can be rather cumbersome. Most folks must hire a professional to install their surveillance system, which can get a bit pricey. Furthermore, once installed, the units will be very difficult to remove.

System Details

Wired camera systems typically include 4-8 cameras, which can easily cover an entire home or business.  They are much less expensive than wireless systems, and are capable of capturing and storing high definition footage on a digital video recorder. It is also an option to have the camera footage passed to a closed circuit TV system where it can be viewed on a series of monitors. The flexibility of these cameras allows owners to customize their surveillance systems to their specific needs.

Purchasing a Wired Security Camera System

Wired systems are pretty affordable—but if you want to get the best price possible you should consider purchasing your unit from China. High quality systems are available at cheap, wholesale prices, which could save you a nice chunk of cash.


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