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We are a Chinese wholesaler of IP cameras. We provide a large choice of IP cameras available for you at wholesale prices.

What is an IP camera

An Internet Protocol (IP) camera is usually used in surveillance work, although it also comes in handy as a two-way communication device where one person is in a secure environment they can’t leave; a good example of this is the till operator and the customer at late night shops and garages. IP cameras are sometimes confused with webcams and whilst they can do the same job if the computer connected to the webcam has the appropriate software, the IP camera differs in that it has its own software on board as well as its own unique IP address.

How it works

The basic image capture is the same as on any digital camera, it is what happens next that makes an IP security camera unique and also explains its relatively high price. Instead of just storing images on the hard drive or a memory card, it compresses the files and sends them over an internet connection – this can be Ethernet, wireless or cellular. Of the three, cellular is much slower, but if the other alternative is Wi-Fi, then cellular may be the best option as it is more secure. This could be a very important consideration, depending on the type of images that are being sent.


One advantage of the IP camera as opposed to other systems, such as a video loop or webcam is that it is very easy to control remotely and also images captured can be seen on any computer, anywhere. This has limited use in some respects – if you are far from home and see images of a burglar, there is little you can do about it, although you can of course forward the images to the police. Being able to switch it off and on remotely is helpful, though and gives you added control especially if you are using it to watch staff or customers remotely.

Another plus of IP cameras, especially those which work with PoE protocol (using the Ethernet cable as the power source) is that they can be very simply moved from place to place. The cameras can be quite small, so they are unlikely to be spotted and so covert surveillance is possible. If the IP camera is used over a Wi-Fi connection, there are disadvantages, including the very real risk of hacking. More permanent installations may need to be connected by a professional, which will add to the already fairly significant cost of the IP camera.

Most of the news is good on IP cameras, though. Despite their relatively high cost, they are fairly foolproof and don’t break down very often. The technology is improving all the time and as software upgrades become available, they can be incorporated; some cameras automatically update themselves, so they are almost totally self-supporting. For anywhere where surveillance is necessary or two way communication is needed, an IP camera is the best choice. CCTV cameras are no longer the system of choice and a webcam means tying up a laptop or PC as it can’t work without one.


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