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Buy a cheap outdoor sports camcorder from China. We provide a wide range of affordable sport action cameras at wholesale prices.

What is a Sport Action Camera?

An ordinary camcorder will work just fine for taking family videos of special occasions, but if you want to record footage of high speed sporting events, you’ll get much better results with a sport action camera. These cameras are designed specifically to record video footage and still images of sporting events where the action makes it difficult for a normal camera to keep up.

If you have been covering sporting events with your everyday camcorder you are undoubtedly missing out on a lot of the action due to the limitations of your device. Investing in a sport action camera will allow you to capture professional quality video and still images of even the most fast-paced sporting events.

The Right Tool for the Job

If you have ever tried taking still photos of sporting events with a regular camera you probably noticed that many of your images came out blurry. A regular camera uses a slower shutter speed not suited to fast action—but with a sport action camera your still photos and video footage will be crystal clear with no blur. The difference is significant, and the detail you will be able to capture with this camera is outstanding.

There are quite a few features that make this type of camera better suited for capturing sports footage. A wider field of view and a longer range zoom are two of the primary features. Sometimes you want to be able to record the entire field of play, while on other occasions you want to be able to zoom in and get a close-up of the action. This special camera gives you the flexibility to do both easily.

Some Important Features to Look for in a Sport Action Camera Include:

  • Shock resistant capabilities

  •  Flexible optical zoom

  •  LCD screen for immediate playback

  •  Still photo capability

Setting up for the Shot

When you are ready to set up your camera and start recording footage follow the following easy steps:

  1. Set your tripod up along the sidelines so the camera will be at the correct height for you to stand comfortably without leaning over.

  2. Attach the camera and adjust your viewfinder so it is fixed on the field.

  3. Set up the pan control so drag is limited and you can seamlessly pan to cover the action.

  4. Be sure the area around your tripod is clear of debris so you do not trip and fall while recording.

  5. Record with one hand on the pan control and the other on the zoom so you can follow the action as closely as possible.

This may all seem a bit tricky at first, but once you have a couple hours of experience behind the camera it will all be second nature.

Shopping for a Sport Action Camera

If you want to get a great deal on a new sport action camera you should really consider buying from China. You can get them cheap at wholesale prices, which will save you a nice chunk of change.


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