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What is a Digital Camera?

A digital camera captures images just like your old film camera did, but instead of having them register on film, which then had to be developed through a specific chemical process, the images are captured on an electronic image sensor. This not only does away with the need for film and developing, but also allows you to instantly see the images you have captured. Needless to say, this has changed the face of photography forever. It is much easier to take test shots and make quick adjustments until you get the image you are after.

The best example of this is probably the group portrait. Instead of taking ten pictures and hoping for a winner you could inspect each image and keep taking them until you have an image where everyone is smiling with their eyes open.

Digital cameras have now all but replaced film cameras, which are rarely used by amateurs or professionals. Digital cameras are now even standard features on mobile phones, tablets and PDAs.

How Digital Cameras Work

The one major difference between digital and film cameras is the medium the image is captured on. Digital cameras use similar lenses to compose and focus images, as well as a shutter that can be programmed to capture images at a specific shutter speed and an aperture that can be set to different f-stops. Another big difference, as mentioned above, is the ability of the photographer to immediately see the image that was just taken. Bad images can immediately be deleted, freeing up space on the memory card for more images.

Video Capabilities

 Many digital still cameras also have the ability to capture short videos with sound. Some models even allow cropping and other editing functions to be done in-camera. Of course, digital video cameras are also available to create longer, higher quality videos.

The Technical Stuff

Digital cameras capture images with a photo sensor that uses a charge coupled device. The resolution of the image captured depends on the quality of the CCD in the camera. A digital SLR with 24MP resolution will have a much better CCD than a simple point-and-shoot digital camera with 2MP resolution. The CCD is made up of millions of miniature sensors that measure the photons that strike it.

Once images are captured they can be stored on the camera’s internal drive or on a memory card inserted into the camera. Cards are available with varying capacities to hold images. These images can then be transferred onto a computer where the images can be edited and printed. Many cameras will allow you to send images directly to a printer, cutting out the need for a computer. The obvious perk of downloading the images to your computer first is that they can be edited in your favorite image processing software before printing.

LCD Viewing

Most digital cameras have a LCD (liquid crystal display) so the photographer can compose the image more easily as compared to simply looking through the viewfinder.  Captured images can also be viewed on the display, which offers a nice, large, backlit image so you can see exactly what you captured.

Purchasing a Digital Camera

Technological advances have led to high resolution digital cameras being offered at pretty reasonable prices—but they are still not exactly cheap. To get the best deal buy your digital camera from China at wholesale price. For a higher end model this could save you hundreds!


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