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What is a Tablet PC?

Tablet computers or tablet PCs are handheld computing devices that are becoming increasingly popular in all countries because of the convenience the device brings to the users. Tablet PCs come with touch sensitive displays through which the users will be able to interact with the tablet computer.

In most cases the touch sensitive display serve as the input device for the tablet PC replacing the keyboard in the laptops or desktop computers. However, users will be able to connect the tablet PC with keyboard through compatible adapters.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Tablet PC

Already people that are using laptops will know how convenient it is to carry around their computing devices wherever they go. Now the same convenience can be enjoyed with your tablet pc. Secondly all tablet PCs are internet enabled. You will be able to connect to the internet through various ways including wi-fi, through internet SIM inserted into the device like your mobile phone and USB data card depending on the device capabilities.

You will be able to enjoy ‘on the go computing’ and most importantly, these devices can be carried in your pocket. One of the disadvantages however with tablet PC is that it can prove to be an expensive gadget if you want to enjoy high end capabilities. One of the ways of beating this disadvantage is to look for wholesale tablet store online or to look for china tablet PCs that allow you to enjoy top-class features at very nominal prices.

As the gadget does not have a physical keyboard, you will not be able to use the device for tasks that involve extensive typing. However, the advantages of tablet PCs override the minor disadvantages and that is why tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular. All the online stores that sell affordable tablet PCs enjoy great sales.

Top Selling Tablet PCs

Today numerous brands have launched tablet PCs but few brands have managed to monopolize the market. Apple iPads are the world’s largest seller of tablet computers and the next top seller is Amazon’s Kindle Fire. There are also other top selling brands such as Barnes and Nobles’ Nook, Google Nexus 7 and the latest entrant in this segment of top selling tablet PCs is Samsung Tab.

Operating Systems and System Architecture Used in The Tablet PCs

Like you will find in the desk top computers or laptop PCs tablet PCs also use various operating systems of OS. Some of the common operating systems used include Microsoft Windows, Linux, iPads use their own proprietary Apple OS and so does Blackberry.

Besides all these one of the most popular operating systems that is fast gaining clout in the Tablet PCs segment is the Android OS. As far as system architecture is concerned with tablet PCs, all the modern tablet PCs use either Intel x86 or ARM architecture.

Cheap Tablet PC

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