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Buy a watch cell phone from China at very low price. We provide a huge choice of cheap watch cell phones available to all our customers at wholesale prices.

What is a Watch Cell Phone?

A watch cell phone is a watch that also contains a full featured mobile phone. The earliest watch phone was released back in 1999 by Samsung, and several other manufacturers make them today including:

- LG
- Swap
- Phenom

Watch phones come with a variety of benefits. They are worn on your wrist, so they are difficult to lose or misplace, and are rarely dropped or broken. They are also a lot less likely to be stolen. Considering all of the benefits they offer, watch phones are reasonably priced, and there are many models available for under $100.

The convenience of these devices is probably their best attribute. Your watch phone will be right there on your wrist whenever you need it. If you’re like me, you hate having to carry a bulky cell phone in your pocket all the time. Get yourself a watch phone and your problem is solved. The better models offer all of the features and capabilities of an iPhone without the clunky package that you have to lug around all day.

These devices are not only convenient, but they are quite stylish, and come in a variety of designs. They look just like ordinary high end watches, and offer all the functionality of high end cell phones. Since your phone will be right there on your wrist all day you will never miss an important call or text again.  

Several manufacturers are currently making watch phone models that will impress even the most discriminating consumers. These devices have been very popular in China for quite a few years, but have only recently started getting attention in other markets. With the increasing demand, manufacturers are creating more advanced models with a host of new and improved features. You may have never even seen a cell phone watch, but this is sure to change in the near future, as they are slowly making their way around the world.

Some Cutting Edge Cell Phone Watch Models

The Terminal watch phone has a 1 ½ inch screen with touch screen capabilities similar to those of the iPhone. Some of the noteworthy features of the device include:

- Bluetooth support
- 1.3 MP Camera
- E-mail
- Music player
- AVI Video

The LG watch cell phone features an elegant glass face, a leather wristband, and an option for an analog clock face. The chic, stylish design is a big hit with younger consumers, and the 2GB hard drive and 128MB of RAM allow you to store music files, videos and photos. Other features include:

- Store as many as 300 contacts in your address book.
- Choose from 5 different ringtones for your alarm.
- Take photos with the discreet camera feature.

Samsung’s latest cell phone watches are some of the slimmest on the market at less than 12 mm thick. They may be thin, but they are heavy on features, and can do just about anything your high end smart phone can do.

Get a Great Deal on Watch Cell Phones

How would you like to get your hands on a new watch phone for a fraction of the retail price? You can get these impressive devices at cheap wholesale prices by ordering from China. The watch phones are brand new, and you won’t find them at lower prices anywhere.


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