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What is a QWERTY Cell Phone?

A QWERTY cell phone is simply one that contains a keypad similar to a regular computer keyboard, where Q-W-E-R-T and Y are the first six letters on the top row of the letter keys. Not all phones with physical keypads are QWERTY, but it is quite common. The obvious advantage to this kind of setup is that you will already be familiar with the placement of the keys, and will be able to type faster.  Users who plan on doing a fair amount of text messaging or typing on their phones will benefit most from having a QWERTY keyboard. Each individual will have to decide if purchasing a QWERTY cell phone is worth the expense, and if their phone habits justify the investment.

Standard vs. QWERTY

Most cell phones come with either a standard or QWERTY keypad. Standard keypads are the kind that you would see on most phones, where there are four rows of three buttons that have both single numerals and several letters assigned to them. The numbers start with one and work their way down from top left to bottom right, with zero being the last numeral. Most of us have had to send text messages on this type of keyboard, which required pressing the button multiple times to select one of the corresponding letters. When I finally upgraded to a QWERTY phone I was quite pleased to not have to text with the tedious standard keypad any more, as the QWERTY setup is much easier.  

As great as the QWERTY keypad is, not all cell phone users would benefit from having one. If you primarily make and receive calls on your mobile phone, and rarely if ever text or browse the internet, you will likely find the standard keypad to be more than adequate. We are all used to dialing phone numbers on this type of keypad, as it was used on landline phones before the mobile revolution. Cell phone manufacturers started putting QWERTY keypads in their devices as more users started texting, writing emails and surfing the web on their phones.

 In addition to being overkill for some users, these keypads also take up quite a bit of space, and generally make the phone larger and heavier. This can be a problem for folks who like to keep their phone in their pocket, but it certainly comes in handy for people with big fingers or less than perfect vision, as it is easier to see and press the buttons.

Additional Options

There are even phones with special enlarged keypads for those who prefer this option. My grandmother refused to use a cell phone until we got her a model with an extra large keypad, as she would often press the wrong key, and found herself calling the wrong person more often than not.

Some cell phone models include a stylus as an option, which is great for folks who rather not try to hit those little buttons with their fingers. The stylus also minimizes the stress of repetitive typing for people who have to make lots of calls each day. 

Most keypads now are illuminated, so dialing in a darkened environment is not an issue, and the phone can even be used as an emergency light source.

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