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Buy a touch screen phone from China at wholesale price is easy as one click. We provide a wide range of affordable touch screen phones available for you at very low prices.

What is a Touch Screen Phone?

Phones that feature touch screen capability do so through a visual display designed to detect a touch and its precise location as it relates to a function of the device.  This touch is typically delivered with the finger, but can also be done using a stylus.

As the price of this technology has steadily dropped over the last 10 years or so it has become much more commonplace. It is currently used on smart phones from a variety of phone manufacturers running different operating systems. What most of us don’t know about touch screen technology is that there are three different systems devices can use to achieve it:

- The Resistive System
- The Capacitive System
- The Surface Acoustic Wave System

The Resistive System

The resistive system is the least complex and expensive of the three. It is constructed of a glass panel that sits below a resistive and a conductive metal layer. Spacers hold the two metallic layers apart. While the monitor is operational there is an electrical current running through the two layers.

The two layers make contact with each other when and where a user touches the screen, and the computer identifies the precise point of contact. A special driver is then used to translate the touch into a specific command that the operating system can understand and carry out.

Shortcomings of this system include reduced clarity of images and potential damage from sharp objects.

The Capacitive System

The capacitive system functions via a capacitive layer on the glass panel of the screen that stores electrical charge. When the screen is touched a portion of that charge transfers to the user, reducing the charge on the layer. When the screen is touched the computer measures the differences in charge to determine the specific location, and hence the command that should be relayed to the driver. One disadvantage of this system is that it will not respond to passive touch—the user must use a hand or finger to absorb the charge.

The capacitive system provides a superior visual display, as 90% of the light from the monitor is transmitted, whereas only 75% of the light penetrates the dual layers in the resistive system. A modified capacitive system is used in the iPhone for multi-touch capability.

The Surface Acoustic Wave System

In this system transducers are placed along the axes of the screen to send and receive data. There are also reflectors placed on the screen that reflect a signal sent between the transducers. The receiving transducer detects and locates the touch and sends the data to the driver via the sending transducer.

As there are no metallic layers on the screen, 100% of the light from the monitor is transmitted, making the system preferable for displaying detailed graphics, as no degradation occurs. The surface acoustic wave system is the most advanced and expensive of the three systems currently in use. It offers graphics with the most clarity and is highly resistant to damage.

Getting the Best Deal

Smart phones with touch screen capability are not cheap, but you don’t have to break the bank to get one. By purchasing phones wholesale from China you can save a bunch of money and still get the same high quality product.


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