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What is a Car DVD Player?

A car DVD player is an all-in-one device that allows passengers in a vehicle to watch DVDs. Parents of young children find these devices particularly useful, as the children are entertained by their movies on long road trips, and are easier to manage. Having a DVD player in a car used to be thought of as a luxury, but now they are quite common, and can be found in minivans as well as Mercedes Benzes.

Car DVD players can be thought of like computers, as they have operating systems that relay the commands from the user to the device through the controls. The one difference is that, with the DVD players, the operating system is part of the actual hardware, and not a separate program that is installed.

There are other software programs that work on the devices, but the operating system is inbuilt. It is usually a form of Windows (Windows CE), and it acts, like any other OS, to oversee the other programs installed on the device.

Car DVD Player Benefits

There are many benefits to having a working DVD player in your car; occupying your children is just one of them. Having multimedia capability in your vehicle is great when you are entertaining clients, or heading on a long road trip with several drivers. While one person drives the others can relax and enjoy a DVD. As all types of files can be burned to a DVD now, there is no limit to the perks of having a player right in your car.

In addition to watching DVDs, you can also listen to music, and even listen to internet radio stations on your player. There is no reason to have a separate car stereo, as your DVD player covers all of the bases in one compact, affordable device.


As you would expect, there is quite a wide price range for car DVD players, as their features vary quite a bit. You can get a basic dual 7” LCD DVD player for around $130. This will pay DVDs as well as music and other video files. If you’re looking for a more full featured unit and have some money to spend you can get a 7” LCD touch screen player with built in GPS, AM/FM radio and Pandora for right around $500.

If money is no object, go for a model like the 8” Alpine, which comes with a WVGA screen, HD radio capability, GPS, and iPod playback. It will set you back $1,500, but it is the last car DVD player you will ever need to buy. There are many models that fall somewhere between these three, so I recommend spending some time researching your options to find the best player in your price range.

Where to Buy?

Car DVD players are not exactly cheap, but if you buy online from China you can get high quality models at wholesale prices. This could easily save you hundreds of dollars on a high-end model.


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