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Our video games category list for you a wide range of video games accessories. All the products are made of high quality and works well with their respective game console.

Introduction : Video Games

Playing video games is indeed one of the most addictive pastime activities for hundreds around the world. These games are also sometimes referred as PC games or computer games.

What is a video game?

A video game as the name suggests, involves video or visual interface where the game scenes are played and the player responds to the game through the use of various controls that are integrated with the game. These are electronically devised games. The user interacts with the gaming gadget and establishes ones expertise in playing the game by following the game rules and the right gaming strategies.

Video games can be in the form of 2D or 3D images. There are several categories of video games such as puzzle games, war games, arcade games, simulation games, sports games, strategy based games and so on.

Main Features Of A Video Game Console

To give the users with the optimum gaming experience there are certain main features a game console should have. In this series first comes the input device. The input device talks to the game console and tells the console what the user likes to do.

In other words the input device is a gaming control that works between the gamer and the gaming program. The controller helps the gamer perform preset actions that control the game. The next important feature of a video game console is the output device this is where you get to see the results of the actions that you perform with the help of the input device. The third feature is the program which is actually the game itself.

Main accessories of a video game

Enhance your video gaming experience there are number of accessories. The accessories can be in the form of controllers and other peripherals. Today control devices and accessories are available in diversified forms such as joysticks, computer keyboards, on-board buttons, wired sensors, wireless sensors, speakers, headphones, simulation accessories and much more.

Most selling video game consoles

The video games industry is one of the booming industries today. Many new technologies have been introduced. You will find wide range of games from the simplest to the most complex video games.

Some of the most popular video game consoles include Xbox 360 which is a Microsoft product, Playstation which is a Sony product. These two are the major competitors in the video gaming industry today. Xbox 360 has launched its Kinect version which uses the human body as the controller offering excellent gaming experience to the users. Other names in the video gaming industry include Nintendo Wii.

All these brands come out with various versions of their own video game consoles. You will find PSP, PS2, PS3 in Playstation and Nitendo versions include Nitendo DS, Nitendo DS Lite, Nitendo 3DS and more. The largest manufacturers of video games include US, Canada, Japan, UK, Australia, Spain Germany, South Korea besides other countries. China is expected to become a leading player in the video gaming industry by bringing a whole new range of video games.


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