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What is an MP5 Player

Let’s face it—we all love our gadgets these days. We have smart phones, music players, tablets and notebooks with us wherever we go, and most of us are eagerly anticipating what they will come out with next. With new technologies being released so frequently, it is easy to get confused about some of the terminology being thrown around. Let’s take a look at music players, for example.

Just about everyone knows what an mp3 file is now, and we all head off to the gym with our mp3 players full of our favorite tunes. We recognize mp3 as a digital format using MPEG-3 technology which allows for high sound quality in a relatively small file. A lot of people also know that “mp4” is used to describe a player that supports MPEG video files in addition to standard mp3 audio tracks. However, I have to admit that when I first saw a website with mp5 players on it I was more than a bit confused. What could an mp5 player do that an mp4 player could not?

So what is an MP5 player?

I will start out by saying that mp5, like mp4, is not a format, but a descriptive term for a media player with certain capabilities. There are no mp5 files, only players. As the term mp4 was created to describe an mp3 player that could also play video files, the mp5 player was created to describe a device with all the capabilities of an mp4 player that could also take photographs and record video. The term is used by some Chinese manufacturers, as well as in South American countries like Brazil.

An mp5 player is basically a more advanced device that the typical mp3 or mp4 players, as it adds image and video capture to its already impressive list of features. It is truly an all-in-one device for playing and capturing media. The mp5 players being made in China have multi-codec capabilities, and support most popular video formats including:

  • 3GP

  • APE

  • ASF

  • AVI

  • DAF

  • DIVX

  • FLAC

  • MP3

  • RM

  • RMVB

  • WMA

Not only are all of these formats supported, but they will be played with full original resolution support, so there will be no sacrifice in sound quality with the more obscure formats.

Given this evolution in personal media players, we are sure to start seeing mp6 and mp7 players in the coming months as manufacturers add even more functionality to these convenient, compact devices. If this pattern persists it will soon be possible to play, capture, share, and record media of all kinds from a single, portable device. The possibilities here are endless; and very exciting for music lovers, photography buffs and video artists.

Purchase a New MP5 Player

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