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We provide a large choice of high quality electronic cigarettes available for you at wholesale prices. Our E-Cigarettes are carefully selected and shipped directly from a China factory to your address.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have become very popular since the banning of smoking in public places and if the ban becomes even more widespread – to include cars, for example – their popularity can only grow. Their purpose is to give smokers who are trying to quit the nicotine hit they need, without actually lighting up.

They tend to be of two basic types; those that look exactly like an ordinary tobacco cigarette and those that tend to look a little more ‘medicinal’ and are clearly devices to dispense a nicotine dose, rather than something meant to resemble a cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette Components

An electronic cigarette has three components – the outer casing, which includes the mouthpiece and which contains a reservoir for the liquid (sometimes referred to as ‘e-juice’) which may be a sponge or small container; a battery and an atomizer, run from the battery, which converts the liquid into a vapour which is then inhaled as smoke would be from a normal cigarette.


The cartridge varies in design depending on whether the reservoir is a sponge or a cartridge of liquid which is connected to the atomizer. There are air vents in both ends, allowing air to be drawn through so that the liquid is dispensed onto the atomizer and then into the mouth. The design is very simple and the batteries can be recharged quite easily, often by using a USB connection. Some makes have chargers in the pack, so that the whole thing can be carried around in a container the same size as a pack of twenty cigarettes.


The atomizer is a very small heating coil and usually the liquid is dispensed onto it from a silica wick or metal mesh from the reservoir. The atomizer does tend to burn out eventually because sediments from the liquid can build up, but this is an expected event and so replacements are easy to buy and to fit. As the prices of e-cigarettes continue to fall, replacement may become unnecessary as it will be as cheap to replace the whole unit.


The battery is the heaviest item in the cigarette, usually a lithium-ion rechargeable one. Some models of electronic cigarette have a battery which are activated by an air-flow switch, so that it is the actual drawing of breath through the unit that switches them on. Others have a manual switch and others still have a switch which needs to be held down in use.

The air flow and the hold-down switches are obviously the best, as the battery is then only being used when the cigarette is being ‘smoked’ and so the battery is not wasted. With USB connectors to recharge the batteries, it is simple to keep one charged and ready to go; as no cigarette will work without a battery, most people keep one charged in reserve. Having a flat battery is the same as running out of cigarettes when they were smokers – a minor crisis.


The liquid which creates the smoking-feel is very variable, with some manufacturers providing flavoured liquids including cola, coffee and vanilla as well as classic tobacco. The amounts of nicotine varies also, with some makers providing different levels, approximating to different strengths of cigarettes.


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